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Falkoon “the bird remover” is a new and innovative system for the control and removal of unwanted birds in a rapid, decisive and economical manner.

Falkoon™ is more efficient than other methods because its shape is that of an actual bird of prey; it flies, thus is visible from long distances and due to its shape and continuous movement, it provokes an instinctive fear in birds and various small species of mammals and rodents.


Falkoon is suitable and very effective in the protection of all types of crops, in particular orchards, vineyards, fields of grain, and berry and vegetable gardens. Falkoon is visible at a great distance, thus particularly valid for the protection of large areas. A single Falkoon is sufficient to protect many acres of cultivated land for many weeks.


Falkoon is the most economical, silent, safe and effective device available for the protection of houses, gardens, orchards, buildings, public squares and monuments from the irritating and damaging presence of pigeons, starlings and other birds.


Falkoon is suitable and very effective in the removal of unwanted birds from airports and surrounding areas. The use of Falkoon reduces the damage caused by birdstrike and wildlifestrike.


Falkoon effectively eliminates the presence of seagulls and other marine birds responsible for dirtying and damaging boats, docks, and port facilities.


Falkoon is suitable and very effective in the removal of all species of birds which commonly infest and disrupt landfill activities.


Falkoon greatly reduces the consistent economic damage to fish cultures caused by the presence of noxious birds. Due to its shape and continuous movement typical of a predator, Falkoon perfectly simulates the presence of a bird of prey, making it particularly effective against cormorans, herons and seagulls.


Falkoon is suitable and very effective for the protection of livestock and breeding farms from invasion by pigeons and other species of birds. The use of Falkoon is conducive to the prevention of diseases transmitted by birds, their droppings and parasites.


Falkoon eliminates pigeons and other harmful birds from warehouses, silos, hangars, food plants and deposits, and protects from further infestation.

Falkoon comprises in a single product years of dedicated scientific studies and fieldwork. The results obtainable through the use of the Falkoon method are superior to any other system or device. Further, Falkoon offers an exceptional quality/price ratio.
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  • Inflation
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Materials for preparation

One tank of helium

This is easily found in Internet, toy stores, and specialized companies. The standard approximately 5 liter tanks used for inflating balloons are sufficient.

Fishing line on spools

This is also easily found in Internet and specialized stores carrying fishing or hunting supplies. The recommended gauge of fishing line is 0,18. In considering amount, take into account that 30 meters (98,43 feet) of fishing line are necessary for each Falkoon.

Assembly and Preparation


Apply the ADHESIVE HOOK (included) to the bottom of Falkoon where the legs are situated, in the appropriate position at approximately halfway down the mold.


Attach the line to the hook securely. Pull a short length of line (approximately 0,18) from the spool to facilitate transportation of Falkoon to the location where it will be used.


To open the valve, insert the straw for inflation (included) into the valve to a depth of approximately 10 centimeters. Attach the opposite end of the straw to the nozzle of the tank of helium.


Inflate SLOWLY and without exaggerating. As soon as Falkoon has achieved the right tension, extract the straw. The valve will seal on its own.

Falkoon can also be inflated with air by inserting the straw ) into the valve to a depth of approximately 10 centimeters and SLOWLY blowing. Once Falkoon has achieved the right tension, extract the straw. The valve will seal by itself.


Apply the adhesive eyes (included) to the head (upper front), one on each side.


Attach the two small adhesive hooks, one per wing, at a distance of approximately 10cm from the tip of each wing (colored side), in alignment with the center hook) (Optional)


Using lightweight line (preferably fishing line ø 0,18), connect the two lateral hooks passing the line through the center hook. Secure the line with a knot to the lateral hooks only after verifying that it is taut. (Optional)


To make Falkoon fly, slowly slacken the fishing line. The recommended altitude is 30 meters. Secure the line where it will be easily accessible and very visible. Pieces of colored tape can be applied to the line to increase visibility.


Falkoon is ready.

  • Fly FALKOON™ at least seventy/hundred feet of altitude from ground level or base of the surface to be  disinfested and protected.
  • Fly in open areas where FALKOON™ is visible from a distance to birds and other animals.
  • Excellent results can be obtained by securing FALKOON™’s line to the top of a pole (at least 2 meters high) which has been well anchored to the ground.
  • Check the volume daily.
  • Do not use in presence of strong wind.

As for all gases, helium is subject to variations in volume in relation to atmospheric temperature. As such, it is advisable to inflate Falkoon at the outside temperature in which it will be employed. A drop in Falkoon‘s volume may be caused initially by a drop in outside temperature (ex. at night), and the resulting contraction of the helium, which will once again expand as temperatures rise. It is important to note that Falkoon can be inflated repeatedly.


This is not a toy!
Do not use near electrical poles and electric cables, machines in general, sources of heat, objects in movement, sharp objects, people, animals and things.

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